In the Heart of Chinatown!

Did You Know?

Located in Chinatown, Pagoda Street runs parallel to Mosque Street and Temple Street and together with Trengganu Street, it was converted into a pedestrian mall in 1997. Pagoda Street obtained its name from the nearby Sri Mariamman Temple located at the corner of South Bridge Road and Pagoda Street. The pagoda (or gopuram in Tamil) built over the main gate of the Sri Mariamman Temple was a significant feature on the street, thus giving the street its name.

It was the centre of opium smoking dens in its early day due to the large number of coolies resident in the boarding houses. By the 1950s most of the houses had become retail outlets. The shophouses are colourful and largely retain the construction and character laid out by Raffles in his 1822 Town Plan. Royal Hostel is located literally at the doorstep of the Chinatown MRT station leading into the vibrant Pagoda Street.

Lined with innumerable street shops, boutiques and hawkers, Pagoda street is your perfect place to shop and shop in bulk. They have really cool luggage tags, magnets and passport holders, chopsticks, fruit forks and Asian-style street fashion.


By Taxi ( 20mins | SGD 30 per ride )

Address: 73A Pagoda Street, Singapore


By Shuttle Bus ( 35 mins | SGD 9 per pax )

Approach the Ground Transport Desk at any arrival hall for shuttle bus info.


By MRT Train ( 60 mins | SGD 2.50 per pax )
  • Approach ‘Changi Airport’ station located at Terminal 2 or 3.
  • [ On Green / East-West line ] Travel west-ward from ‘Changi Airport’ station to ‘Tanah Merah’ station.
  • [ On Green / East-West line ] Switch platforms at ‘Tanah Merah’ station.
  • [ On Green / East-West line ] Travel west-ward from ‘Tanah Merah’ station to ‘Outram Park’ station.
  • [ At ‘Outram Park’ station] Transfer to Purple / North-East line
  • [ On Purple / North-East line ] Travel northeast-ward from ‘Outram Park’ station to ‘Chinatown’ station.
  • Take Exit A and refer to the map above for directions.